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"Izzi’s greatest strength came from the energy she brought to the boat and the unwavering camaraderie and loyalty that she inspired in her rowers. I would come out of retirement tomorrow if it meant I could row another race with Izzi, and I can think of no better resource for the next generation of coxswains. I was proud to be her teammate, but I’m even prouder to be her friend. 


Izzi is the type of person who somehow manages to bring the best out of everyone she interacts with, both from a physical/rowing perspective as well as a personal perspective. She simply inspires you to be better, row better, ask more from yourself, and hold yourself to higher standards. And somehow she does all of that without any judgment. She’s such a wonderful person to be around, while also being an intense competitor, so you find yourself rising to the occasion of rowing in her boat."


Sophie Kershner - University of Virginia ’21

U23 World Championship Medalist 2019

CRCA/Pocock First Team All America 2021

ACC Champion 2018, 2019, 2021

ACC Crew of the Year 2019, 2021

All ACC First Team 2021

ACC Scholar Athlete of the Year 2021

"Izzi is not only one of the greatest coxswains but an amazing teammate too. Everything she does is in order to make the boat go faster. Whether it is steering the fastest line and getting more out of a crew than anyone thought was possible, or helping a teammate through a crazy erg, she is always there to make the hardest training sessions that little bit easier. 


Izzi is an asset to any crew she is in. Her boat feel, technical knowledge, competitiveness and inspiring energy combine to bring a crew together in training and on race day. She is a natural leader and works with coaches and coxswains, both on an off the water, to get the most out of every practice.


Izzi’s real talent is getting the best out of everyone around her and having fun at the same time. I am lucky enough to say she is one of my best friends and wouldn’t have achieved what I have without her."

Heidi Long - University of Virginia '19

GB Senior Team World Cup 2019

All American 2018, 2019

Henley Royal Regatta Champion 2- 2018

U23 Medalist 2016, 2018

U23 GB National Team 2016, 2017, 2018

ACC Crew of the Year 2016, 2019

ACC Freshman of the Year 2016

Junior World Championship Participant 2014

GB Youth National Champion 2013, 2014

"I was always excited to get the opportunity to race with Izzi because she would bring so much energy into the boat and knew how to get the most out of each rower. I was confident in her steering, executing our race plan and I trusted her decision making. Izzi’s enthusiasm and knowledge for the sport is unparalleled. With Izzi’s positive attitude and leadership skills I have no doubt she is a great resource for young coxswains trying to take the next step and improve."


Morgan Rosts - University of Virginia '18

Tokyo Olympian 2021

World Cup Participant 2019

U23 World Champion 2017, 2018

NCAA Medalist 2016, 2018

ACC Champion 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

CRCA All-Conference 2017

"My favorite thing about Izzi as a coxswain is that she never settles and is always striving to give more. This mentality lead us to a podium finish in the finals at U23s. The whole summer we had been training with athletes from all over the country with completely different strokes. Izzi’s boat-moving knowledge allowed us to develop a stroke in just a few weeks that was effective and capitalized on everyone’s unique strengths. I admire Izzi’s leadership in that she is very collaborative and open to feedback, but knows when to take charge and make her own informed decisions. I learned so much from Izzi in such a short amount of time and am grateful to still have her in my life as a role mode and friend."


Lark Skov - University of Washington '21

U23 World Championship Medalist 2019

NCAA Champion 2019, 2021

PAC-12 Champion 2019, 2021

CRCA All-America 2020

"I had the honor of being an Assistant Coach at UVA during Izzi’s 3rd year. Her energy, positivity, and hunger to succeed radiated throughout the team and staff. Hearing Izzi cox always got me fired up in the coaches launch, I wanted to jump in the boat and be coxed by her. Izzi was always asking what she could do to improve, she communicated clearly and never shied away from criticism. From my own experience as a coach and an Olympian, I have a huge appreciation for her accountability and the standard she holds herself and her crews to. I have the utmost respect for who Izzi is a person and a coxswain, she is an incredible resource for coxswains nationwide." 

Kristine O'Brien - Olympian

Olympian 2020

World Championship 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

NCAA Champion 2010, 2012

U23 World Champion 2012, 2013

First Team All American 2011, 2012, 2013

 USRowing Fan’s Choice Collegiate Rower of the Year 2012

ACC Crew of the Year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

ACC Freshman of the Year 2010

Junior Worlds A Finalist 2009

"Meeting with Izzi allowed me to take the first steps to grow into the coxswain that I’ve always aspired to be. Together we would go over my recordings, and she would send extensive feedback that was both personalized and constructive. She was very flexible with my schedule and was always open to either message me or call me dependent on what I preferred. We would discuss what my goals were beforehand, and she would always gear our conversations towards what I desired to improve. Overall, I cannot recommend Izzi’s help enough, it was by far the best choice I’ve ever made in my coxing career!"

Chloe Walsh - Stanford Recruited Coxswain '24

Client - Chicago Rowing Foundation '20

"Izzi taught me SO much during our time training together on the U23 National team (when we took home gold!!) through her natural leadership, unwavering confidence, and high standards for everyone. She used her breadth of experience to cultivate a competitive, learning environment on and off the water. Not only did Izzi strive everyday to make the rowers better, but she was constantly learning and sharpening her skills. Izzi thelped instill self-confidence and perseverance during the most challenging times. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with such an incredible coxswain, leader, and friend should consider themself lucky!"

Sarah Johanek - Rutgers University '19

Grad Assistant Coach at GW 2021, 2022

U23 World Championship Finalist 2019

U23 World Champion 2018

All Big-10 2017, 2018

“Izzi Weiss has been an invaluable resource for our coxswains at CRF. We use her services every season and the positive impact on our coxswains has been extremely clear”

Head Coach Mike Wallin - Chicago Rowing Foundation 

Coached USA U19 National Team Camp 2020

Coached Midwest Junior Men's Olympic Development Camp 2018, 2019

WV8+ in A final 6 consecutive USRowing Youth Regional Championships

40 Midwestern Championship Wins in the last 15 years

Cal Berkeley IRA Champion 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002

"Izzi is a natural leader. She has proven countless times she knows how to navigate challenging situations. On and off the water, there is no doubt that Izzi is a champion of communication — which as a coxswain is key. As a teammate, I have been inspired by Izzi’s drive and fierce competitive energy. Izzi strengths are her openness, her ability to inspire trust and communication, and her unwavering desire to win. 


I am confident Izzi can help guide, teach and encourage the next generation of elite coxswains. As women’s rowing becomes more competitive, It would be a mistake to not take advantage of the opportunity to be mentored by the best."

Chase Shepley - Stanford '19

CRF High School Rowing Coach 2019, 2020

U23 World Championship Medalist 2019

U23 National Team 2018, 2019

NCAA Medalist 2016, 2018, 2019

"I had the opportunity to race with Izzi in the 2019 u23 8+. Our crew had athletes from 7 different college programs and only a few weeks to prepare for racing. This created a unique environment in which all of the athletes needed to come together as a team very quickly. That is why we were so lucky to have Izzi. She excelled in this high stress environment, she brought the crew together by building trust with each and every rower.


She brought fight, unity and joy to the boat, allowing us to grow together as a crew and making every practice, warmup and race enjoyable and productive. She was truly an asset and we could not have performed the way we did or formed the lasting friendships without her. She is a great teammate on and off the water, driving a competitive crew down the race course and building a strong and healthy team on land. I am so lucky I had the chance to call her my coxswain."

Daisy Mazzio-Manson - Yale '19, University of Texas '21

National Champion 2021

U23 World Medalist 2019

All Big 12 Team 2021

Big 12 Champion 2021

First Team All American 2018, 2019

First Team All-Ivy League 2018, 2019

Chris Ernst Award 2016

"I had the privilege of working with Izzi during my college career and the opportunity to follow her successes afterward. Izzi is remarkable in her enthusiasm for the sport, humility, and commitment to growth. These traits endured as Izzi continued her success in the coxswain seat, allowing her to capitalize on her knowledge, adapt, and maximize the potential within her boat, across many levels of competition. Izzi instilled a sense of confidence in her crew - we trusted not only that she would make effective calls and optimize steering, but also that she would work with the boat and translate rower feedback into positive change as a boat through her calls. Izzi constantly strives to improve and empowers those around her to do the same. She is a constructive and unifying voice, and having this leadership from the coxswain seat allows for continual improvement within a race or practice. 


Izzi maximizes potential in her every capacity. From the coxswain seat, this was through boat feel, technical knowledge, tactical ability, effective communication and calls, and electric energy. As a teammate and leader, Izzi built team speed through collaboration with coaches, rowers, and other coxswains. She is an incredible resource to continue maximizing the potential of teams and individuals."

Sam Casto - University of Virginia '16

Assistant Coach - University of Washington 2020, 2021

Assistant Coach - Gonzaga 2019

Assistant Coach - Harvard Lightweight 2017

All-America 2015, 2016

NCAA Medalist 2014, 2015, 2016

U23 National Team 2014, 2015

"I think with many coxswains you can either learn some good calls, learn how to run a smooth practice, or get a coach in the boat. With Izzi, I knew every race would be electric, every technical call was strategic and effective, and every drill was concise and clear. Most importantly, Izzi was a student of the sport, always communicating with her teammates and coaches to make the next piece, drill, or practice that much more powerful. Because of this, she knew how to empower and advocate for everyone around her. I am thrilled that the next generation of coxswains, rowers, coaches, and teams can tap into her knowledge of how to motivate, how to advocate for yourself and your crew, and so much else! 

Some coxswains know how to motivate and bring a crew together, some know how to read the coach’s mind, and others build camaraderie and mentorship amongst their coxswain peers. Few are able to do all three. Izzi could. What set Izzi apart, was her ability to bridge the gap between athlete, coach, and coxswain. She knew how to motivate, critique without criticizing, and grow those around her as well as herself."

Georgia Ratcliff - University of Virginia '17

U23 World Champion 2015, 2016

First Team All-American 2016, 2017

ACC Scholar Athlete of the Year 2017​

NCAA Medalist 2015, 2016

ACC Crew of the Year 2014, 2015, 2016

ACC Freshman of the Year 2014

Youth Nationals Champion 2013

Junior World Championship Medalist 2011, 2012

CanAmMex Champion 2010

"Izzi and I have been friends since we both trained out of the Mercer boathouse in the summer of 2018; from day one she has been one of the most upbeat and knowledgeable coxswains I’ve ever known. She is always happy to help or give advice, there’s no one I’d recommend above Izzi to help an up and coming coxswain!"

Clark Dean - Olympian 2020

Olympic Finalist 2021

World Rowing Championship Finalist 2019

Junior World Champion 2017, 2018

Junior National Champion 2018

Junior World Medalist 2016

Junior National Medalist 2016, 2017

"As a rower you are often faced with moments of doubt … “can I do this?” …”am I capable” … a coxswain has the power to help you believe in yourself and the rowers around you. At my time at UVA, Izzi did that for me, she was the voice I needed, every single day. I stroked often so izzi and I found ourselves face to face, her ability to maintain composure in the most stressful situations was not only impressive but critical. Izzi is passionate, knowledgeable, and authentic… it was a pleasure rowing with her and more so it is a pleasure to have her as a friend for life."

Reilly White - University of Virginia '20

Goldman Sachs - Global Markets Analyst

Pocock All American 2020

ACC Champion 2017, 2018, 2019

ACC Crew of the Year 2019

NCAA Bronze Medalist 2018

“Izzi Weiss was a very good coxswain. She has the knowledge AND the personality to impart that knowledge in an impactful way.  Not only does Izzi have a knack for knowing what a boat needs to be all they can be but she has a sense of what a coach needs to be communicated. I believe she can teach coxswains how to do the same.”

Kevin Sauer, Head Coach - University of Virginia 

2016 Olympic Coach 

4x United States of America U23 Coach

2 NCAA/21 ACC Championships

27 Years as Head Coach of UVA

"Over the past couple of weeks, Izzi has helped me more than I could have imagined. Her feedback has empowered to go into this spring season with confidence and clear goals for what I hope to accomplish on the water. "

Emma Bradish - University of Virginia '25


“Izzi is a creative and strategic coxswain who thrives in a competitive space. She is that coxswain who everyone loved having in their boat and dreaded seeing on the line in another line-up. Additionally, she has an educator’s heart and has always been an inspiring mentor. She is an excellent resource for anyone trying to improve general coxing skills or looking to build confidence on the race course.”

Emily Ford - UVA Assistant Coach 

Head Coach - Oregon State 2004-2017

Associate Head Coach - University of Michigan 1996-2004

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